Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day Surprise

In case you didn't know, it will be Valentine's Day next Monday, February! The holiday of love, loved once; everything chocolate; long stem roses; prix fix overpriced restaurant menus; men walking around cluelessly at Victoria's Secret measuring up the chest size of the closest shop assistant against their girlfriend's/wife's/lover's; ugly bears hanging on to hearts at your local CVS and red hearts on the acrylic nails of the lady behind the window at your local post office. Even our local butcher has cupid shooting his arrow from behind the prosciutto hanging in the window, so unless you are walking around with your eyes and ears closed, you know it's V-day! What's more, there is a huge likelihood that your other half (including the most non-chalant kind) will want some sort of mention of the holiday.

Some defend against celebrating saying "but we love each other every day". Not the same! While getting some TLC any day of the year is heart-warming, pretending to celebrate Valentine's Day every day is like having a birthday cake after every meal. Every year, I try to do something cute for my Geoffrey (the lucky husband :).
This year the idea came to me when I saw Peptogirl's Valentine's Day printables ...
I love the cute sayings, I love surprises and this was just such an easy task ... All you need is a printer and a pair of scissors and a bit of cheesyness (the mac takes care of that) ... and download the printables, of course!

Good Morning!

Ready to go to work? 
(I know I "said" you don't need to spend a penny on this, 
but how could I resist buying this chocolate and stuffing it into G's jacket?)

Let's make dinner together! Something as sophisticated as Mac'n Cheese?! 
Would you get the box of pasta, please?

What's for dessert?

Ok, just because it's Valentine's Day I won't stay up late crafting ... let's go to bed ;)  

Or would you rather read a book instead?

So much fun, little effort and I am sure any partner will appreciate a little love note or chocolate! 

I am not sure what LoLo is getting yet - maybe heart shaped pancakes for breakfast? If you have older children in your life, my friend Bird (a.k.a. Printable Fairy) designed the cutest Valentine Bingo that you can download directly from her website and her blog:  

Want more hearts? I may just do one more post on the topic so come back! 

Lo(Lo)V(i)E, Elvi


  1. love your blog..never give up, we all desperately need you around.... with love
    Maria V.-B. (from D.S.)

  2. Thank you for finding such a creative use for my Valentines! I will be linking!

  3. Beautiful..:-) You are a very talented lady Elvi!

  4. I LOLOLOVE your post!! The LV I know and LV is here to stay! :D

    Blog love is also part of the whole V-Day deal, you know... Check out Bird's Party Today ;)

  5. Cute Valentine's day notes~ came by way of Bird Crafts;)

  6. I LoLOVE this! Always looking up cutsie ideas to spruce up the loLovely Heart Day!

  7. Thank you ladies! Hope you all come back again for some more LoLoVe :)