About Me

Twin mom by day, crafter, travel and "whatever I like" writer, chef (for a lack of a better word) and tango dancer by night; or I could just say "a girl in attempt to inspire and leave her little imprint in the world" ...

I've been creating since I can remember. I grew up in Communist Czechoslovakia where goods in all stores were the same. You bought a new dress one day and the next, three of your classmates would be wearing it also, and so I added a bow here, a heart there, a ruffle or anything I could think of and mom would let me get away with (holes were mostly on the ban list).

Being an only child, crafts were an easy way of entertainment that didn't need a companion.  I went from potato stamping, candle making (and almost burning down our apartment), to knitting, beading, macrame, origami to anything else I could lay my hands on. My creativity seems to also stem from mom saying "But you can make it" to anything I ever wanted, but could not afford.

I always wanted to be a crafty mom, because stay-at-home moms somehow always seemed to have time for it, just to become one and realizing that the perception is very different from reality.

On this blog, I will share my night-time projects, writings, photos or whatever I come up with. I don't like reading manuals or tutorials do you? If possible at all, I will post photos rather than lengthy descriptions.

I would love hearing from anyone who stumbles upon these pages, so please email if you have a comment, a thought, an idea or would like to contribute to the blog.