Monday, December 8, 2014

Recycled gloves from old sweaters

I have a thing for recycling sweaters. As soon as the cold weather arrives, I am browsing through thrift stores (and hubby's closet) for cashmere and wooly sweaters. I've made a pair of cashmere gloves for my mother-in-law in the past HERE, but this time I wanted to make mittens for LoLo. Well, I wanted them to make them for themselves by themselves. Lola got a kids sewing machine for her last birthday and while she enjoys using it, she still needs much help. I thought mittens would be a great beginner's project!

Lola wanted bunny mittens and London opted for dinosaur kind. I was left with my old sweater with stripes and decided that the crazy pattern would only suit a monster.

After tracing our hands, we cut the mitten shapes out of the sweaters and sewed 4 pairs of gloves together, lining them with another color. I cut up various body parts to make the desired animals and here are the results:  

What do you think?