Thursday, May 24, 2012

Strawberries & Snails Gardening Party - LoLo 3!

I've been so eagerly preparing for this party that I have not posted anything in ages. I started planning the festivities soon after I returned from my Paris trip - about a month before the actual date.

Ugy dontottem hogy matol magyarul is irok a blog. :) Udv minden uj olvasonak! (Elnezest az ekezetek hianya miatt, de igy sokkal egyszerubb). Nem igerem hogy szo szoros lesz a forditas, de igy ha barki meg szeretne valositani az alkotasaim egyiket itt meg tudja majd nezni.  

It's never easy to pick a theme for a birthday party, let alone for boy/girl twins, whose interests are a world apart. So, instead of asking what they wanted and getting 15 ideas all at once followed by a fight, hair tearing and various other ways of forceful persuasion, I picked the theme myself. Strawberries are such a wonderful fruit and they are plentiful in May, so I figured I would go with that. "We could eat them, plant them, draw them" I thought, but was reminded later on that strawberries are too feminine (apparently), so I needed to add masculinity to the mix for London's sake. My inspiration turned out to be sitting in a basket at Ikea (I hate to do the advertising for the store, as I am sitting here fuming over their terrible customer service, but Ikea it was.) I found a cute snail finger puppet, which became a part of the theme and everyones' give away gift.    

Nem egyszeru szulinapi partyt csinalni ikreknek, de ugy hogy lany/fiu ikrek meg nehezebb, mivel annyira eltero a ket kis egyen erdeklodesi kore, hogy kozos nevezore sosem jutnank. Igy ahelyett hogy 15 otletbol vivtuk volna ki okollel, hajtepessel es harapasokkal azt hogy autos vagy babas partynk legyen nem kerdeztem es en valasztottam - az eper temaju bulit. "Majd epret ultetunk, eszunk, vagunk, festunk" - gondoltam en egeszen addig amig nem informalt ferjemuram, hogy az eper tulsagosan noi szymbolum ... Ferfias inspiraciomra egy Ikea kosarban talaltam egy lila/zold ujjbab csiga szemelyeben, amely a kesobbiekben a vendeg gyerekek ajandeka egy reszeve valt ...     

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing ... 
LoLo's STRAWBERRIES AND SNAILS gardening party ....

Tehat holgyeim es uraim ime az Eper/Csiga szulinapi party kepekben ... 

Party table in preparation with daddy Geoffrey in sight
Keszul a party asztal Geoff apaval a kepen ...  

I have to point out things I like and I don't like also .. See the burlap? We could only get the gardening kind, which has large gaps in the weaving and so the skirt of the table is see through 
(I don't like it! .. Should have put a pink tablecloth underneath the burlap ... Or if you would like the burlap look make sure that you buy the coffee bag kind and not this one. ) 

Ime az asztal, de be kell vallanom hogy nem tokeletes :( ugyanis a szoves a zsakon nagy lyukakat hagy, igy atlatszo lett :(( Ha zsakkal szeretnel asztalt teriteni ne a kerteszboltban vasarold a zsakot hanem mint en tettem. A kavezsak (peldaul) sokkal alkalmasabb ... bar en ezt eddig nem tudtam ... 

Table still in preparation ... We were waiting for the cupcakes to get to the place ... 
Meg mindig nem keszult el az asztal .. varjuk a sutiket ... (cupcakes)

Arrived! Strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese and strawberry frosting and a gummy strawberry on top. I like cupcakes in flower pots, but hated the idea of anything baked into the pots (or tins). God knows what chemicals are these things treated with, 
so all I did was insert the cupcakes to place ...

Megerkeztek! Epres "cupcake" eper-turo kremmel a tetejen es eper gumicukorral diszitve. Jol mutatnak a sutik a pici cserepben es sokan ebben sutnek is, de en inkabb papirban sutottem - sosem lehet tudni milyen vegyszerrel vannak a cserepek bevonva ...  A cserepek peremere szalagot ragasztottam hogy mutatosabb legyen.

LoLo's delicious strawberry/chocolate cake. A gift to LoLo baked by Edit, third year in a row. 

LoLo keresre sutott eper/csokis torta. Edit immar harmadik eve sutotte meg LoLo szulinapi tortajat ajandekba. KOSZONJUK!!!!

The MENU: Strawberries and whipped cream, savory muffins (feta, sundried tomato, basil muffins), mini crustless vegetable quiche, PBJ and cream cheese/strawberry slices sandwiches, strawberry cupcakes, baby carrots, celery sticks, baby tomatoes, baby bell cheese and cake. I really wanted to serve vodka/strawberry lemonade but there was no way of transporting the large glass dispenser to the park and we would have been probably also arrested for serving alcohol, 
so we didn't (but I really wish we did :))) 

A MENU: Eper es tejszinhab, sos "muffin" (szaritott paradicsom, bazsalikom, feta), mini zoldseges/tojas "quiche", PBJ - mogyorokremvaj es lekvar valamint kremsajt es eperszeletek szendvics amiket virag kinyomoval vagtam ki, babarepa, celler, baby paradicsom, baby bell sajt es torta. Igazabol en meg vodkas-epres limonadet is szerettem volna felszolgalni, de nagyon nehez lett volna a parka becipelni a tobb literes uveget teli itallal, na meg az USA-ban tilos nyilt helyen az alkoholizalas, igy netan meg buntetest is kaphattunk volna igy sajnos a felnottek is dzsusz dobozokkal iltottak szomjukat :) 

I cut out the sandwiches with a flower cutter. 
There were two baskets: peanut butter jelly and cream cheese/strawberry slices sandwiches. 

A ket fonott kosarban mogyorokremvaj es lekvar es kremsajt es eper szeletes szendvics talalhato.   

My talented friend, Bird from Bird's Party created all these wonderful printables (including this banner) - also third year in a row .. We basically don't do parties unless Didi (Edit) and Bird are involved :))

Baratnom, Bird keszitette a grafikat a nyomtatott papirdiszekhez (szinten immar harmadik eve) 
Nalunk nincs buli Edit es Bird segitsege nelkul :) 

Before all the baking was done I did some sewing ... 
Strawberry pillow for Lola and the snail (Crafting Tilda's friends) for London. 
The picture is a cork board covered in strawberry fabric with tissue flowers creating the #3

A sutes elott nekilattam varrni ... 
Az eper kisparna a Lolae, a csiga a Londye lett ... Az eper, a kisparnan kivul focilabdakent is mukodik mint ezt kitapasztaltuk ...  Egy tablara raragasztottam az eper anyagot es zold szalvetaviragokbol ragasztottam ra egy harmast. 

The netting was bought at Ikea and I added the bunting and ribbons. Now, this was quite a project as I hand-sewn all bunting to the frame for the fear of getting caught in the net like a mermaid ... 

A halo szinten az Ikea-bol van. Varrtam ra kis zaszlokat es szalagokat. Hat ez egy eleg nagy munka volt, mert nem mertem varrogepet hasznalni hogy bele ne varrjam magamat a haloba mint egy hableany.  

Tissue paper pom-poms are a must for an easy and impressive decoration. 

Szalvetabol keszult pom-pomokat egyszeruen lehet elkesziteni es nagyon mutatos disz.  

Everybody loves balloons!

A lufikat kicsit-nagyok szeretik! 

The take-away gifts. Water bottles stuffed with gummy strawberries and a finger puppet snail. 

A partyzok ilyen ajandekokat kaptam bucsuzoul a cserepes/nevvel ellatott/ kidiszitett eperpalanta, luficsiga es nyalokaviragon kivul ... Szines flakonok gumieperrel toltve es csiga ujjbabbal diszitve.   

Perhaps the most popular activity was picking flowers from LoLo's garden ... I was amazed how all these 3 year olds caught on to the fact that the center of the flowers was a lollipop immediately .. :)

Talan a legsikeresebb a gyerekek koreben ez a LoLo viragkert volt. Meglepo, hogy a gyerekek milyen hamar eszrevettek, hogy a virag belso resze nyalokabol van :)  

LoLo's flower garden

LoLo viragos kertje 

Flower picking was followed by decorating flower pots with foam stickers. 
All in preparation for the strawberry plants ...

A viragszedes utan cserepet diszitettunk szivacs matricakkal, hogy aztan legyen mibe ultetni az eperpalantakat 

We also had bubbles, did face painting, played with a ball, learnt a song called "A Little Seed" to which we were introduced by a local children's band Rolie Polie Guacamole and momma made her debut as a balloon artist making everyone a balloon snail of the color of their choice. 

A sok finomsagon kivul volt meg buborekfujas, arcfestes, jatszottunk labdaval (koszi aki hozta :) es megtanultunk a Rolie Polie Guacamole egyuttes dalat. Mama debutalt mint gyakorlott lufimuvesz es mindenkinek luficsigat is keszitett.  

Face Painting ... Arcfestes ... 

According to LoLo, there is no party without a party hat!!! (If this one reminds you of a paper cup it may not be by coincidence)  

LoLo velemenye szerint a party nem party party kalap nelkul, igy keszult az is fiuknak es lanyoknak kulon. Itt Miki viseli a fejfedot (ha poharra emlekeztet a kalap az nem veletlen ;)  

And for the girls with tissue pom-poms on top ... 

Es lanyoknak pom-ponokkal diszitve ... 

THE END ... LoLo party next year!

Jovore itt ismet .. LoLo Party!