Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter sheep

It is so cold outside I had difficulties persuading myself to do some Easter crafts with LoLo and wanted to make Christmas tree ornaments instead. But for sake of the spirit of Easter and Spring I decided to just do it. These cute little sheep came to me while half asleep ... (how appropriate?!)

They are made of a toilet paper roll - my favorite medium.

You will need:
TP roll
old newspaper
cotton wool
black cardboard
clothes pin (black paint)

Take the clothes pins apart and paint them black. Like you see my fairy doing it ... 

... or my little race car driver (as he calls himself) concentrating real hard here ... 

Take the tp roll and make 4 holes to push the pegs through. Do not make the holes too big so that the  pegs (I mean legs) can stand sturdy. They probably won't, so just glue gun them where you really want them. Stuff newspaper into the roll and start glueing around sticking cotton wool to the tube. This is a great activity for 4 years olds; they loved the glue. Cut out a shape of an old style telephone from black cardboard and glue on the eyes and the nose. Glue the head to the body and add a ribbon to the neck or ear. Baaa baaa baaa .. Am I cute, or what?

Baatiful Easter to you all!!!!

LO(lo)V(i)E, Elvi