Monday, April 23, 2012

Inspired by Paris

I just came back from Paris and I am so inspired by all things crafty I've seen that I've collected projects for the next 4 years, I think.

Here are some of my favorite pillows ... 

Cool ideas ...
Birdcages are so in. Everyone has them and this one is unique with a plate bottom. A few dry cleaning hangers and an old plate and a very strong glue is all you need (I think). 

Tie messenger bag 

Doll house (wall hanging made from cardboard)
How cute is this? I almost bought it, but figured 20 Euros was a bit too much for something I could easily whip up. There was also a garage, a laundry and a bedroom wall.  

Cute coasters 
A bit of vinyl, felt for the bottom and embroidery. Easy peasy!

Ribbon store in Marais 
I bought a few iron ons and a button to be made into a ring.

Graphics I love
My drawing talent stops at a snowman and a house (maybe a flower) so I always search for cute images that I could possibly copy onto a t-shirt or another project .. Check these out ... 

Could be made into pillows?


Sweat Shop Paris (thumbs down)
Ohhh this was my only Paris disappointment! I bought their book a while ago and got myself so excited about visiting this place. It just seemed like the coolest hang out for like minded crafters. 
The book has beautiful images of pastry and cakes and drinks and I imagined an adorable Parisian cafe with a workroom at the back. Well, not only that there was no pastry and coffee, when I walked in the people pretty much looked at me like "what does this person want?".  I felt so cheated! I made my friends do all this hike for a view of a work table and 4 miserable people cutting their fabric. 
Lesson learnt! Don't believe the pictures!

The End 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Duckie/Chicken (?) Easter Wreath

Last year I made a Spring wreath that I liked, but nobody else noticed in this household ... Does that ever happen to you??? So, this year I enlisted the help of LoLo in marketing my creation ("Look! Duck, momma made!!!")  and created an eye catching yellow, bright as a banana, feathery as a parrot wreath that nobody can overlook :)))

Do you agree? 

Hop on over to my lolovely friend Bird's blog for the tutorial and while there, 
check out her beautiful printables for your next party! HOP  

You can probably follow the directions and easily make a bunny rabbit also ... 

Happy Easter/Passover Everyone! 

Lo(lo)Ve, LV