March 29, 2012 
(On our way home approaching an old lady walking opposite)
Lola: "Mommy, that lady too much make-up!"

March 17, 2012
Geoffrey: "Londy can I sit in your seat?" London: "No daddy big butt fit!"

March 11, 2012
LoLo's been chanting "Jamaica" for three weeks. We told them we would swim, play in the sand and dance to Bob Marley. So, we arrive to an ugly airport and they both ask "mommy, this Jamaica?" .. we nod and they are visibly disappointed .. LoLo keeps asking the entire taxi ride if this was Jamaica for sure ... We arrive to the resort, London sees the huge blue pool, looks at us and screams on the top of his lungs "This Jamaica!!!!"

March 2, 2012
(HU) London ma reggel mig papayat vagtam fel: "Mama Te papagaj reggelire?"

January 21, 2012
(HU) LoLo: "Hull a pelyhes feher ho, London keres telapo"

January 7, 2012
Geoffrey picks out a random book off the shelf to read to LoLo
London: "Daddy, that book no good"
Geoffrey: "Why, London?"
London" "It's Hungarian!"
LV's PARENTING WISDOM and other stuff 

There isn't such a thing as too many stickers for 3 minutes of peace and quiet.

You know you are a mom when running out of the house you realize, that the two blisters on your feet are covered with cookie and elmo bandaids, you are holding string cheese to be eaten on the go and when you put your hands in the pocket searching for your metro card all you find is cheerio crumbs.  

Overheard from the kitchen: "Lola, the faster you finish your dinner, the sooner you can watch football"