Saturday, August 20, 2011

Coney Island by LoLo

Daddy finally stayed home from work and took us with mom to Coney Island. It was mom's idea, because she secretly likes taking photos of amusement parks and loves cotton candy 
(though she would never eat it in front of us, because we are not allowed to eat all that sugar ... )  

It was really boring to wait for daddy to buy tickets, but he told us we'll be able to ride on the train, so I didn't get upset and was a patient little girl even though it was so hot
and I never like to wait for anything in general.

I am obsessed with fire trucks. Every time I see one, I go "viieeeeuuuuuu vieeeuuuu" and all at once, everyone else goes "viiieeeuuu viiiieeeuuu" back - like I taught them something ...

This seems to be the single most exciting event for London, so we all pretend to be equally excited (we are not really, but don't tell him, ok?) I only get excited about shoes and make-up and watches.
Many, many, many watches!

And candy sometimes ....

London: After the fire truck, we boarded the train. We sat in the conductor's wagon and went around about 3 times in a circle. It was a bit boring, because it went soooo slooooowwww, but daddy and mommy seemed to like it a lot going "choooo choooo" every few minutes, so we played along ...

Lola is so wild! She wants to try everything, but I am more cautious - like my daddy. Mommy and Lola tried out the big wheel. Mommy told me to say here, that this is not the only dress she owes and that not all her dresses cost 6.99 USD - just for the record.
Although, you may think that way because of her previous post ..

London, of course wanted to go also after he saw how brave and happy I was. So, I lucked out and got to do another round .. The world was so different from up here!
Like from an airplane but not quite!~

This thing was HUGE, huh?

Here are all the details for you intellectual folks ... 

Then it was pizzatime! We LOVE pizza and think it's the best food ever made. DaMo (Dad and Mom - well, if they can call us LoLo we can call them DaMo, right?) doesn't think it's really healthy for us, so we always want to go to birthday parties, because we know that there will be pizza and cake and a candle at some point during the celebration and they will never say "NO" at a party ...
We've got it all figured out!

The corn was also delicious!

After all that food we could barely walk, so we took a horse drawn carriage ride instead of a stroll.

And a boat ride on a fake lake going around and around!
 Lola kept ringing the bell and I just kept dreaming, like the boat's name ....

Finally, mom wanted her share of fun and caught a frog and a prize of an ugly green fish, that nobody wants and will most likely end up in the charity store nearby.

Then it was off to LoLa's shop "Lola Star" on the boardwalk - I mean not really LoLa's, but mom had a t-shirt with "LoLa" on it from here before she was even born. Don't worry, she also has a "London" t-shirt .. though no "I heart Geoffrey" kind just yet ... 

We boarded our car seats, fell asleep in a second and arrived home in about half an hour ...  
What a great day!

Kisses, LOLO

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