Thursday, August 4, 2011

T-shirt pillow - my new obsession

Yupp, so easy to make, a great gift to give and so cozy to cuddle with :) 
I bought them at my favorite dollar store for 2.99 USD a while ago.
Three, to be exact. 
One with I HEART NY 
Another with something something in blue ink NY
And yet another one, my favorite with a vintage boom box print ... Here it is stretched over our rattan dining chair ... You didn't really want to see me wearing a shapeless white t-shirt did you? 

Cut, cut, cut and cut the four sides ... Sew it together leaving some space for the pillow insert bought for 1.99 USD at Ikea (while husband makes remarks on how he doesn't understand the point of many pillows, because you really just need ONE single one and how from now on he'll have to spend half an hour just taking off all the pillows from our bed before he can actually fall into it and sleep .. and so on and so on ... blah blah blah ... :) If you know of a man, who actually likes pillows (I mean many, many pillows) please send him my way, I'll make him my poster child for this post (pun intended :)  

Once ready, all I had to do was take a picture of it, which turned out to be a longer project in itself than making the pillow. I love all things pretty and can dress myself all right (I think), but when it comes to styling a photo it gives me headaches and I just can not understand how all those crafty girls and boys do it for their blogs? Do you have a house full of props and backgrounds or what's the secret?
Can somebody please advise? ... Otherwise you're stuck with this .... 
(I really wanted to get all sorts of tapes and make a messy suitcase with them and my boom box, but could not find a single tape?!!! in the house ... ) 

And here is a bit of trivia: 
I got my first boom box when I was 14 years old. The day we could travel across the Austrian border from Czechoslovakia for the first time, my mom called me at a boarding school and ordered me home saying: "We are going to see what's it like to be rich!". We waited endless hours on a bus with other people going to see "The West" for the first time and spent a day window shopping (we could not afford or believe the prices) around Vienna. I remember admiring the Christmas decoration and being stunned that despite of the fact, that it wasn't bolted to the ground or had a watchman over it, nobody was stealing it :) - something that would not be imaginable in our part of the world ... 
We then boarded the bus again in dark and travelled to the outskirts of the city, where we got dropped off somewhere at a local supermarket.  I've never seen a supermarket before with endless isles of food, clothes, shoes, paper goods, housewares .. you name it ... etc. I can't recall the name of it, but thinking back it must have been a Wallmart sort of place, though at that time it felt more to me like Dior on 5th Avenue would today (that is if I ever dared to enter). Mom sad I could have one expensive thing from the store (additionally to my favorite pack of gummy bears that were luxurious goods at the time). I finally chose a long, black Panasonic stereo with green turning buttons and it was my most valuable possession for a very long time .... 

 See how times change? 
Now I wouldn't trade my new pillow stereo for the Panasonic if you paid me for it :)))

LO(lo)V(i)E to you all, 

Have you also made a t-shirt pillow? Send me a link, please I would love to post your pillows here, just to see all the varieties (ok, and props :).
 And regarding those "other" t-shirts ... the NYC is still work in progress, 
the other one on the waiting list ... 

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  1. Hi...I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog! It is just my style. Thanks for all of the awesome ideas. Jamie in AZ

  2. Thank you Jamie. Emails like yours make my day :) I hope to supply many many more great ideas :))

  3. That's an amazing idea ... may have to try this on my new sewing machine x

  4. I have made quilts out of shirts my grandkids wore in sports. I cut the team, number, anything related to the sport and ironed it to wonder under. I cut squares and pieced them together. Actually this made a comforter, because I tacked them at the corners. Now the grandkids have something to use and remember the sports they played in.

  5. Too Funny that I run across this today! I just layed an old tshirt on my spare bed and have plans to cut it up to make a pillow!! Love this! I was totally going to make mine all complicated. All for what?! This is so simple! Thanks for sharing!