Saturday, June 18, 2011

LoLo Street #2 Birthday Party

If you were wondering where I disappeared, well here ... 
I've been sewing, baking, printing, cutting for LoLo's second birthday party.
2 color cartridges, 7 yards of fabric, 3 Ikea trips, 3 Party City trips and numerous nights of work the results are in ... see for yourself ...   

LoLo is obsessed with all Sesame Street characters (Cookie being on the top of the list), so the theme was given - mommy just had to figure out how to pull it all together. Thank you to my friend, Bird from Bird's Party for designing anything and everything I needed to make it happen!
I have a feeling we will be regular customers years to come :)

This way guys!
Let's get this party started ..... 

The teepee is ready for the performance of the year ... 
Teepee tutorial coming up soon!
 Goodie bags ... Cookie appliqued shorts for girls, a little toy, a water spritzer and balloons.      
Cookie t-shirts for boys
Brown bag lunch for munchkins and adults 
 Roasted turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce sandwich with one half white bread, the other wheat.
Fruit salad with melon, blueberries and grapes. 
Whole wheat blueberry organic muffins baked in an ice cream cone. 
Raisins. Yumm!
 The drinks ... Sesame Street juice boxes for the little once; red and white boxed wine. 
(Wine for adults to withstand the puppet show ... :)
 Wine in disguise.
The magic tree ...
Pompoms, hats (tutorial coming up soon) and a banner.
The guests have arrived ... 
 Please turn off your cell phones and put away your pacifiers, we'll need your participation!
 Big Bird, opening act ... 
 C is for CAKE. 
Thank you Edit for making this deliciousness!
 Here we are ... 
 Sesame Street tattoos - a real hit!
 Just as momma's bloomers!
 Cookie monster was here ... 
 Thank you to all our friends and family for celebrating with us, for all the help in preparations and for making this day so memorable. It wouldn't have been fun without you!
LO(lo)VE, LoLo


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what I love the most, the fabulous puppet show, the ADORABLE Lolo (just wanna eat them up) or your bloomers!! :D

    It's so fresh, original and totally up my street (did you see what I did there?) Sorry it's early...Anyways, thanks for letting me be a (tiny) part of your special, yummy day!! LOVE it all!

  2. loved every minute of it!!! (and your bloomers!!!) :) The cake was fabulous, Edit should give lessons as should you on how to make the teepee and all the other stuff. I loved the cupcake muffins.

    The T-shirt was the most amazing thing!!! Annika will have it forever and ever. She loves to wear it with her jean shorts.


  3. What a great, great party. Happy belated birthday to Lolo!

  4. Great party and love the setting!

  5. Kedy to vsetko stihas?! Obdivujem Ta!!! Jednoducho Ta obdivujem!!! Si proste super zenska a uzasna matka!!!

  6. Wow! I am so inspired! This is so amazing and unique! II having been thinking about my b/g twins upcoming 2nd birthday this summer. They love the Central Park Carousel, so I was thinking of doing it there, but after contacting them I was not impressed with the part package. As a former teacher I felt it was so boring and lacked any creativity. I considered getting a permit for an area close to the carousel so I could do my own party of games and decor centered around the theme and get tickets for the carousel for everyone after the cake.....but I ruled it out because I couldn't figure how it would look or work. Your post has shown me what a little creativity can do! Very inspiring! I love the puppet show idea, so age appropriate. So, if you can I would love for you to help me with the logistics of planning a party like this in Central Park! First, what location did you pick? I love the shade and open area. I thought there would be restrictions on being able to decorate which turned me off but looking at your post I am gatheringbinwas wrong since yours has the nicest decor I have seen in a while? So, could you give me a few tips on how to plan a DIY birthday party in NYC? Maybe it would make s great new post idea since I am sure there are a lot of moms that would love to knoW the logistics of planning a park party. Honestly, your party pics are such a breathe of fresh air- I am so sick of the NYC over the top parties ot constant gym parties. It is the same thing every weekend, I would love for my twins to be invited to a party like this! Anyway, after reading this post I have been inspired to try to plan and coordinate party around my theme. Any tips would be so helpful and appreciated. Thanks.

  7. We actually live in Brooklyn, so the party was at Prospect Park. I didn't get a permit - I think only groups of 20 and more require that, but if you have more people it's still not a problem. From what I understand, it's not difficult to get a permit and it only cost about 20 USD or so. I have been to a Central Park Easter party on the West side by the swings - I don't know the exact location but if you want to I can ask around where it was exactly. I don't think anybody would have a problem with a few tissue pompoms or similar if you don't break any branches and clean up after yourself. I will do a post on tips and tricks and what I've learnt soon :) We almost broke our backs carrying the stuff there, so a little wheel cart would definitely be my suggestion. I am doing another party in May for LoLo's 3rd b-day and it's going to be outside again - a gardening party! Will post about it when it comes. Stay tuned for the tips/tricks post - I will try to write it up this week! I hope this helps a little, LV

  8. This is soooooooo unique! May I ask which area of prospect park you picked?

  9. THank you! Sure you may :) We usually set up camp on the little hill to the right and across from the picnic house (by the fence). It is relatively far from the street, but relatively close to the bathrooms and quite private.

  10. Hi - I love it! Beautiful! I would love to know the name of the fabric and if possibly it is still available?

    Absolutely inspired!
    Lori in NC

  11. Hi Lori! The fabric is from Ikea and I don't believe they make it any longer. HOwever, they always have some sort of fabric with kids theme. The last time I went they even had, which the kids could color with different stories. (Uhmm I don't work for Ikea .. just saying :)
    Good luck and please post it here if you do make it! Elvi