Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Strappy sexy black

Ohh I am so happy to be back to blog world! My free time has been shrinking rapidly with a part time job taking away my craft time - well, at least the photo-taking time. I am going to use this as an excuse for my c-r-a )((*y (crafty that is) photos that follow ...

So boys and girls, I thought I had already posted THE simplest necklace to make in the world, but I was wrong! This new creation needs no talent, no skill and no time - seriously, the emphases is on NO TIME. Once again, I'd like to claim it to my name and in some way I guess I can, though it suspiciously  looks like a necklace for 400 USD I found somewhere on the internet :). Keep on breathing and reading ... this one will cost you only about 10 USD or less.

The 400 USD inspiration:

This is what you need:
A chain about 3 (2.5) feet (depending on the length you like) with links big enough for a ribbon or fabric to pass through
1/4 inch ribbon

Cut your ribbon to 6 inch length strips, fold in half, loop through the links. I did 2 loops per link but if you want a bushy necklace, go crazy looping! Attach clasp as usual.

I seriously did everything today to post a photo of me wearing the necklace like you see in those professional looking blogs and the kind I turn green reading :) I covered our standing mirror with a sheet, dressed up and down for the shoot trying headless (and headful) poses, built a tripod from cook and craft books, used a timer for the first time on my camera, ran back and forth into the shot and it all ended up looking like roadkill on a way to a red carpet event. So with that said, here is the end product displayed on my brand new Guatemalan coffee sack bag: 

Now run and buy some chain and ribbon (though I think pretty torn fabric pieces would look amazing also) and start looping! And if you make one let me know ok? 

I am hoping to be back at least once a week again.
LoLoVie to you all,


  1. that is really neat, i may have to try that.

  2. I love it - it would probably work really well with leather strips too.

  3. I also think it would look great with leather - that's my future project ;) Thank you for stopping by ladies. LV