Sunday, June 26, 2011

Large Fabric Flower

I've been eyeing those large flower pins for so long, but never got around making them. Until now, when I decided to add a large flower to my 1920's costume for the Dreamland Orchestra's Governor's Island's Flapper picnic. I made two flowers - one for myself and a smaller version for Lola's outfit. 
We dressed up all naughty (I mean nauti(cal) :)))), but this will also be our July 4th wardrobe, I think. 

I love the internet not only for the wealth of information, but also because anything you want to make, there is a pattern for it, that saves your time. I knew how I was going to make the flowers, but didn't have a template until I found them on the GrossgrainFabulous blog 
So, as a first step, download the patterns courtesy of Grossgrain Fabulous blog here ... 

You know, I love shortcuts :), so while the flowers on the blog are truly beautiful, I didn't have the patience to cut out the petals one by one. This is what I did - I took a needle and a thread, sewn a circle in the middle of the petals and pulled it together. I then took a smaller flower petal, sewn around the same way and pulled it together once placed on top. The large flower is built up with 4 layers the same way as described, but you can do more/or less layers, and can add tulle or another material that will add to the structure of the flower. (I didn't have any). 
Lola's smaller flower is made of two small flower petals and a scrapbooking button.

I then cut out a circle of felt for the back, put through a pin as well as a hairpin, hot glued it to the back. Creased the flower again for more structure, used "fray check" to make the flower more stiff (you don't have to). You may leave the middle "nipple" as is and just add a button (Lola's flower) or a bead, or cut into the material, fraying it and glue-gun a scrapbooking brad in the middle!

Lola loved wearing her little flower ... 

And I loved mine in my hair as well as my hat. 
Here we are - photo taken with a really poor quality cell phone ... Use it in your hair or pin on a floppy hat and you've got the 1920's on an instant! (Well, at least I thought so :) 

London was wearing a t-shirt with a sailor collar. I will post the tutorial soon.
Have a great week everyone! I know that this is not the most detailed tutorial you've ever read, but if you have a question just email me and I will help you figure it all out! 

If I don't post more this week, Happy 4th of July everyone! 

Lo(Lo)Ve,  LoLo and LV 

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  1. What an amazingly cute tutorial! ANd it's so easy too!
    Thanks for sharing! This tutorial would be a great one to share in my 100th post summer inspired competition, to get your blog featured for free! :)

    -the creative muslimah