Friday, April 1, 2011

Tutorial for toddlers on how to get cookies

First of all, you have to throw the cutest face at your mom/dad/grandma/pa or anyone who can be charmed by a smile and has access to the cookie cabinet or can bake. 
In this case, Lola is showcasing a lemon face.

2. Set up your station! You'll need chairs to reach the counter, 
so choose the most comfortable once around your house! 

3. Proceed with whatever step appeals to you the most. London and I like to smear butt cream all over our hair and the apartment, so we thought buttering the baking sheet would also be enjoyable ... 

4. Mix sugar and melted butter. If you behave well, your mom won't reduce the required sugar amount by half, as ours does for the fear of bad teeth and/or sugar high ... 

5. Find some old Halloween candy that got spared from daddy only because it was in a skull shape and hiding underneath packets of seasoning. Add to the mixture. Lola is great at stirring and making a lot of noise banging her wooden spoon against the bowl. 
Mom stopped her after a while though, because she said she'd go insane otherwise ... 

6. You need to taste the ingredients, so lick anything you put your hands on ...
Also make small piles of the oats and butter and flour mix and chocolate.  

7. Sit in front of the oven for 12 minutes while they are baking. It is crucial that you don't leave your spot at this time, as your mom may take advantage of the situation and tell you that the cookies are only after dinner. This tactic worked for us really well!

8. OK, we could finally put our hands on them! 

9. Always eat them with milk! It tastes the best and your mom will feel less guilty for all the sugar 

No recipe today! Mom says it's not worth to write it up, because they are not that great (good enough for most daddies though) and she only wants to publish worthy stuff here ... We'll try again! And please leave her a message or "like" her on facebook or follow her - she keeps staring at the screen as if she was expecting to win the lottery, then we whine and tell her we prefer Sesame Street to blog, so we get to watch that a bit ...
Hope you'll come back here to cook/bake with us again ... LOVE LOLO

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  1. LOL LOLO!!! You're as cute and as funny as mom!! Probably better bakers too?! :D

    LOVE your hair btw!!!
    BIg smooches to mom too!