Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trash to wall

Let's see what went wrong today ... Well, the contractor didn't show up as agreed upon for the SECOND time, my camera fell on the floor right before taking photos of my latest project (below) thus blurring my entire world aaaaand I got peed on by London, which wouldn't have been that bad if it wasn't for my favorite jeans I was going to wear out. At the end of the day, one learns the skill of directing a tiny boa constrictor only by experience and experiment and I still haven't figured it all out ...

Oh and my "Brother" and I are also having issues as the upper thread keeps breaking and I keep threading and re-threading the machine, cleaning it inside out and reading the manual front to back. Do you sense how much my world has shrunk sans a functioning sewing machine and a camera that needs begging, lots of TLC and magic to take a photo at all? My world is so limited, that I actually proceeded with a project I've been putting aside since we've lived here - our photo gallery wall in the bedroom!

When we moved to Brooklyn, I dreamt of a feature wall behind the bed with retro wallpaper and raised flower pattern. I knew wallpaper can get expensive, but how much really can a single wall cost in a rather small room? Well, 800 USD as it turns out! Appalled by the price, I collected all the  "throw away" picture frames, put them on the floor, played around a little bit arranging them and finally arrived at what we now have.

It is hard to find good photos and going with the "budget theme", I went to a few fancy paper stores, bought wrapping paper and here is what came out of it ... Paintings! :)))

Added a few photos ... This one is by my friend, a well-known Czech photographer Jiri Turek
And yes, it's Prague ... 

An old, ooold photograph of my grandma in a play. She is standing in the middle row right next to the King. She was an actress in the village's volunteer theater and I just find it so glamorous, I had to place her right above the bed (though her being herself RIP, she would surely disapprove and would want to be switched for a cross ... ) 

And here is my newest 5 minute project that took me three years! A shadow box bought for 5 USD at Ikea, a butterfly hole puncher, scrap paper and glue dots ...  Introducing: The most unique butterfly collection in the world that any lepidopterologist would envy! (Don't be impressed by the word - I just googled it myself :) Ooops one butterfly got away ...

The entire collage ... I keep wanting to put a black and white photo in the middle of the green field ...  

And the wall with one frame still missing that special photo or something else ... Also notice the smooching couple on the upper right corner! Cute huh? I LoLoVe detail!  

   Hope you got inspired! Don't forget to LO(lo)V(i)E each other, LV

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  1. I love your gallery. I love all the colors. I also really like the way you mixed it up by using photos and the pretty paper. Well done.

  2. i think we love the same things!;-) i am in love with your grandma's photograph!