Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Knitted mini ZOO and daddy isn't allergic to any of them!

I didn't mean to take up knitting again - I gave away all my leftover wool and needles years ago, but then I made the leg warmers this winter; then realized there weren't any hats out there that could accommodate Lola's two pigtails and theeeeenn, I discovered Fuzzy Mitten's patterns and fell in love. At the same time I also found the Mochimochiland blog with all sorts of crazy knitted stuff - like the confused moose or the sofa, which is my current project in making. (I wish I could knit one in real life size, as ours is covered with milk, chocolate and playdough. Life with toddler twins ... )

I can honestly say, that this is the most satisfying craft I've ever done. (Have I mentioned I work on instant gratification?) These little guys can be made in an hour! LoLo loves carrying them in their pockets, pushing them around in their baby stroller, sticking them to most unexpected places and subsequently loosing them. Ideally, I wanted to take photos of the nature turning into Spring as my studio - flower buds and greens and snowdrops, but of course it snowed instead...

If you saw a butt sticking up in the air from the ground today and a woman in a big red puffy jacket kneeling by what seemed like a pile of nothing with a camera around her neck, constantly blowing hot air on her frozen fingers ... well, that was me ... enjoy the pics ...




  1. Sooooooo cute!!! Adorable, I love them - forget the kids, I want them for myself..:-)Miriam x.

  2. Amazing .......... look at the expression of the faces of these miniatures ... would love to try making them for myself......can you share the tutorial. kampin

  3. I LOVE them!!! The quotes are LMAO!! :D


  4. Dear Semsei:

    Mercedes and I have accomplished three lovely mini animals made out of socks from your teachings. Pictures to follow.

    Love your work with the mini zoo!