Wednesday, February 23, 2011

For the love of polka dots

Did you notice my button? The little circle on the side of the page that I worked on so hard, putting to test my non-existing graphic design skills - it's red and white polka dot. Whenever I enter a clothing store, I am immediately drawn to these white circles on red background (and pink)! Uhum ... now you know where Lola gets her girlie girlieshness from at 22 months. It's from momma! (Daddy just took a deep breath of relief ). Here are my favorite red and white polka dot things from the internet .... 
And the "Be Mine" heart goes to a dress, what else?? I've ordered from Pin Up Girl clothing before (most famously my LoLo birthday cupcake dress) and have gotten so many compliments from complete strangers. I may just have to own this one also ....    

1. Red & White Polka Dot chairs from Cozy Little House
2. Cutlery and Silverware Caddy from RosyandPosy
3. Polka Dot Sneakers  from Zazzle
4. Thumbtacks from Shop Indie
5. LiLy Dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing 
6. Decor Pad  from Girl's Room
7. Recycled Tin Minidress Necklace  from Shixie on Etsy
8. Red Wool felted Mushrooms from Stemellina Supplies 
9. Polka Dot Apron from Tomatotots on Etsy

I am the biggest fan of my friend's Bird's printables and wish I could throw a cherry party right now looking at these images ...

What's your favorite?

Gotta Lo(Lo)V(i)E the polka dots! 


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  1. We are so alike!! Especially the bit about liking Bird's party printables LOL

    Big smooch