Monday, February 7, 2011

Quick Knit: Leg warmers for toddlers

I love leg warmers! Ever since they went out of fashion (was it the 80's??) I've been wishing they came back and yes, they are - or maybe they are not completely, fashionably, "Sex and the City-ishly" in, but I just don't care, because they are so cute. I wear them, my little girl wears them, her friends wear them.  

If you can knit a simple "knit and purl" you can make these in one night in front of the TV! (Now don't you watch anything scary; those needles can be dangerous and I am taking responsibility only for cuteness and design ok? :)  Speaking of needles, you can make these on round needles, but I am a queen of instant gratification and so I decided to make them both at the same time on straight needles. 

What you'll need: 
1 skein of cream color medium weight wool (size 4 US) I like using wool, or at least 80% wool, but be careful when washing. (Hot water is a NO NO!)
size 9 needles
a tiny bit of red wool and a crochet hook or an embroidery needle

CO (cast on) 36 (for a single leg) or 36x2 for two legs at the same time; you will need to divide the skein into two separate balls for the "both at the same time" option
This pattern is for the pair on the left with two hearts dangling from it .. 

* 1 knit, 1 purl for 8 rows 
* row 9: knit 2, purl 2
* row 10: purl 2, knit 2
* row 11: (the pattern swaps - where it was knit, it's now purl and vice versa) purl 2, knit 2
* row 12:   knit 2, purl 2
* row 13: purl 2, knit 2
* REPEAT PATTERN rows 14 - 44
* 1 knit, 1 purl for 8 rows
Cast OFF both leg warmers, saw or crochet together

For the ties measure 6 pieces of approximately 17 inches long wool pieces and weave them together. You may mix different colors of wool for a different look. On the red once, I added felt hearts to the end of the ties (just cut 4 pieces out of felt and glue together with fabric glue to the end of the ties), but you can also make pom-poms or knit hearts and felt them.

Make sure to thread the ties through the "knit" stitches (every second one) before you attach the hearts or pom-poms. Just to keep the fairness, I am going to make a pair for my little boy also with a soccer sock design - black with white stripes, I just hope daddy doesn't request a pair also :)))

Wear them to run around or lie around:

Now the exciting part: GIVEAWAY!!! Yes, I am giving away these red and white adorable leg warmers for your little Valentine! (Size 1 to 2.5/3 years old).

To enter:

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The winner will be chosen via on Valentine's Day!

COMING UP: Last minute Valentine's Day ideas (suitable even for Valentine Grinches) for ZERO $$$ and a lot of TLC.


  1. I LOVE them and your little model!!! :D

  2. super cute! I love these! I am a fan on facebook! -Shannyn Pinkert

  3. I posted it on my profile:!/crazsquaw

    (thanks, these are SO cute!)

  4. I'm a fan of your FB page too!!

    Thanks again

  5. On the row where you do increases, is it a purl row or a knit row?

  6. I always do increases on a knit row. Let me know if you need more help! Good luck!

  7. Love your leg warmers but my great granddaughters are 5 and 7, would love to make them. What do I do for that age?