Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Once upon a time

During a lazy morning, LoLo pointed out a book covered in dust on the shelf and insisted we read it. So, I traded Elmo and the Five Monkeys Jumping on the Bed for our wedding album and spent an hour turning pages, pointing out aunts and uncles, finding noses and glasses, telling the difference between yellow and green, smelling sunflowers and sneezing haaachoooooooo while giggling about nothing at all, but some crispy pages. What a strange feeling walking down memory lane, reliving moments that passed and realizing how clueless we were about what's to come in our future - London and Lola! (They would make the cutest ring bearer and flower girl :) The photos depict such an amazing day in our lives, but as I look page by page I realize how many couples have broken up and reminisce of those that passed away in these short 3 years.

Come smell the sunflowers! Haaachoooooo ....


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love ALL the details and the bride is just stunning!! ;D


  2. They are lovely photos Elvi. Where and when was your wedding?

  3. Thought it might have been in field of pineapples!