Monday, July 18, 2011

T-shirt + Fabric = DRESS

Did you know that I am a dress-a-holic? Yuppp, if I could, I would wear dresses all year 'round. The only problem is that the dresses I see in stores are either made for an office job or for a night out and none (mostly) for "mommas that want to look pretty pushing a stroller, doing their grocery shopping or laundry, running under the spriklers with their tots, jumping like popcorn in dance class or by a stove ... and etcetera ... (my favorite English word btw - ETCETERA ... and scissors ... )

I keep seeing these dresses for kids that look like it's a piece of material attached to a top, so finally I decided to make one for myself. Being a little girl at heart, I thought these dresses would be great for me (in size 2 not 2T).  I always have trouble finding t-shirts I really like and I didn't want to sacrifice those I have in my closet for a fear of having to end up with no dress and no t-shirt, but adding to my pile of fabric that "one day will make it into something useful" ....

We have this cheapo store that smells of moth balls not far away and I found a t-shirt I liked for 3.99 USD .. Here is the proof ...

Then I looked for some coordinating fabric ... 
The goal was to make something sort-of apron-ish but dress-ish and very very cute(ish?) ... 
(sorry for butchering the English language with this description)

This is what I did: 

Ruffle the two kinds of fabric, measure the circumference of where you want your skirt to start, sew to the t-shirt. Easy, huh???? If I just came up with this version the first time and not the 3rd after trying different variations and designs. I bought a yard of the bottom (longer) skirt and half of the top one). ... 
A fashion tip nobody asked for: If you have no butt like MOI this dress is really cute and makes it look like there "may" be something in there (hahahahah), on the other hand, if you do have something "there" I probably wouldn't go with these big poofy ruffles ... I like the way mine looks like though :))) 

See? Perfect for grocery shopping! 

Or a fake photo shoot with your hubby behind the camera ... 
I am just glad all my limbs and my head fit into the picture!

So what do you think? 

(the original one and not the one on those ugly handbags! :)


  1. Elvie, you are absolutely adorable in your new dress, so I think you have reached your purpose and you do great marketing too, because now I've started thinking about the idea of a cute dress too! Lotsa LUV: Ani (psstacia)

  2. THis dress is so cute! Way to inspire!

  3. Thank you Ani and thank you Kris :)

  4. very adorable dress. it suits you very well. you're like a teen when you are in the photos.

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  5. Thank you Andrew - your comment is music to my ears :)))

  6. Well... I am just going to have to make these for my daughters (7 and 6). Although they're not twins, they like for people to think they are, so we have doubles of everything!

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