Monday, July 4, 2011

Make a toy stabilizer boot or "The most useless tutorial on the internet"

I love seeing all the craft projects that people make and most often, I wish I had thought of the idea myself. I admire the creativity and work that goes into making them.
At times though, I see tutorials for items like a "TV tutu" or David Hasselhoff popsicles and think to myself "Who on Earth would put time and effort into this?!!!" or I think "What is this person smoking to come up with this??" :)))

I like making useful items, plus anything that has a double function or is made from recycled, re-used materials I love from the get go!

Having said all this, I think I am just about to post the most useless tutorial (hopefully) .. so go ahead roll your eyes like I do when I see something like this ... Although, I have to tell you the story to go with the project ...

The other night, when I was putting LoLo to bed, London crawled down from the sofa (like he has done million times before), took a step and carrying his favorite "kuku" (kangaroo) he collapsed screaming, crying. I knew it wasn't "just" a wrong step immediately, because he was crying hard and wasn't stopping even after 30 minutes of sobbing. We ended up at the emergency room and the next day at the specialist's office. We were worried, that London will need a cast, but thankfully all he needs is a stabilizer boot for the next two weeks and he should be back to running, pushing the baby stroller and catching bubbles in the park.

And what does a helpless, but crafty momma do?

You guessed it right! Makes a copy of the stabilizer boot for the favorite - Ernie's foot ...

All you need is an "oh so multifunctional" empty toilet paper roll, another piece of cardboard (cheerios box as for this one), some glue, felt and velcro. 
Make sure you take good measurements of Ernie's (or anyone else's) foot, so the boot fits like a glove (?!!!)

Here is the happy customer ... Excuse the lack of pedicure. 
I tried to wash Ernie's feet many times, but didn't succeed. 

And Ernie's best friend with the boot - London. After all this effort, I expected the boot to be a huge success, but you never know how kids will react ... When I gave London, Ernie with the boot on, he looked at it, got visibly upset and said "Ernie no shoe!!!!" and tore it off with a single move!
There! You never know what will be a hit and what a complete waste of my time. 
I guess, Ernie's boot turned out to be the latter  :)))

LO(lo)V(i)E, LV


  1. LOL My dose of blog fun for today! :D

    BTW, just got candy and eye candy int he post!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. this is definitely not useless. i think its an adorable craft project.. im sure a lot of sick children would find it comforting to have a "friend" going through the same plight as them.. very adorable.. thank u for sharing this..

  3. Thanks again for a great tute idea. My littlest granddaughter loves to play doctor (she unfortunately has been ill a lot and is having minor surgery in two days) So her dolly gets sick and has ouchies a lot. I saw a arm brace for a doll at a store months ago but it was for a huge doll and cost too much. I planned on making one of those but love the idea of the boot brace. Thanks to you I will be making foot and arm supports for her dollies medical needs. I really think she is going to love these! So your time wasn't wasted. Thank you again!!!

  4. I may give this a shot! My 3 year old wears an AFO to treat club foot.

  5. I know this is several years old but I'm so glad I found it! NOT useless! My daughter is about to get her first set of AFO (complete toe walking) and I wanted to make some braces for her doll so she could feel like she related. This is the ONLY blog I found an such a quick easy idea! Thank you so much! I think my daughter will love it =)