Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIY wedding bouquet

We were thrilled to get a last minute wedding invitation this past Saturday from my friend Jenna and her partner Elise for their Sunday celebration. As you surely know, same sex marriages were made finally legal on July 24, 2011 in New York and we would have loved to share the special day, had it not been my birthday weekend also with plans to brunch, a walk on the Highline and an evening concert at Jones Beach.

I still wanted to do something special, but with the time crunch all I could come up with is making a wedding bouquet. Post-brunch and pre-concert we rushed to the local florist just to face a bunch of wilting away sad bouquet's of flowers left over from the heat wave we've been having. I finally picked out what seemed like the last barely alive bunch of roses and a few other healthy(ish) looking kinds. I sort of knew how to tie them in a pretty little arrangement, but wasn't ready for the self- decapitating rose heads. After coming home with a huge bunch of flowers, working on it and throwing a few swear words around (for the loss of my basic gift material), this is what I succeeded in making ...

When I was ready, hubby looks at the bouquet and says with surprise: 
"This is ALL you've made from ALL THAT?" 
(Yes, this and a crate of petals :)

See? I would have made a cute bridesmaid too ... I wrapped the stems with burlap, added a purple ribbon and pinned it down with pearls (fake pearls that is :)

Would it come as a surprise, that at one stage in my life I really wanted to be a florist and a wedding planner? ... I didn't think so :) 

LO(Lo)V(i)E to all lovebirds out there. 
Now go get married so I can make a few more bouquets ...


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  1. lovely pictures. Thanks for all the pictures of this most beautiful flower.