Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Basil infused iced tea ... hm hm hmmmmm

Basil, basil, basil, ... it's my favorite herb. I eat it, I use it as garnish, I grow it, and sometimes I just run to our terrace, rub my my hands over a bunch of it and smell its aroma for pure pleasure.

My favorite tea is rose hip. (I had no idea it's spelled in two words ... )
It's not very popular in the US, but we used to pick it and dry it back home, in Slovakia and drink it often (mostly in the winter). A friend of mine, Annie, found a Polish store in Brooklyn where they sell packets of it - as it turns out, it's actually 50% rose hip, hibiscus and dried apple and it's delicious.

Sooo, I made iced tea with it, added honey while hot, ice and about 5-6 basil leaves .. I let it sit for quite a while and the result is so refreshing, I am addicted!
I "sell" it as juice to LoLo and with the pretty color it really works! (for now)

This is how rose hip looks like: 

My basil ... (and LoLo's accidental bubble)

Basil infused rose hip tea ...

Hope you LO(lo)V(i)E it! 


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