Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Just Love" dress

Lately I've been addicted to the local 99 cent store a few blocks away from us. I bought the t-shirt there that I made into the dress previously and many other things for future upgrade.
Technically, it's not a 99 cent store but a "close-out" store with items that Jay Leno would be showing on his program. You know, the food that's about to expire, the tights with two different leg patterns, the polyester pants that create an electric circuit, the t-shirts with misspelled words and dresses made out of a material that are exfoliators at the same time.

So, I walked into my favorite moth ball smelling store and saw this ... You know there is something wrong with these dresses just by the sign "asssorted" styles ... don't you?

Of course, I took a look at the rack and there was a bunch of Plain Jane dresses, surprisingly made from a pleasant, non-scratchy material. Pink looks good on me, so I grabbed a magenta (?)/hot pink dress and headed towards the seemingly annoyed shop assistant even from a distance. 

"Excuse, me. Where is the dressing room?"
(She looks me up and down then down and up)
"There is none!"

I get it! What she was really saying is "Lady, you think you're shopping at Dior on 5th? For your 6.99 USD that you are about to pay for that dress of yours, wouldn't a dressing room be just a tad too much to have?"    

I bought it anyway! Now look ... what is so obviously wrong with it???? 

Well, if you haven't guessed, let's just say I prefer people (men in particular :) talk to my face and not below :) The cut is so low, it felt like I was half naked with the dress on ... 
So, I rummaged through my leftover fabric stash, found this cute pink and brown flowery fabric, made a belt using heatNbond giving it stiffness. Made two ruffles sewed it onto the rim, connected the two in the middle and it was ready!~    


Don't you "Just Love" it?  (I am not fishing for compliments here - it's the "designer's" label :))))

There! Now I can even lean over and smell the flowers!

Ok, LoLoVies ... this is it for this week, but next week I'll be back with more photos, maybe some necklaces, maybe a recipe and even some I Love NYC stuff. 

Ta Taaaaaaaaaaaa 

Lo(Lo)V(i)E to you all, LV

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  1. absolutely incredible, simple & smart. Love it!

  2. I like the part in the neckline! :) Beautiful.