Sunday, June 30, 2013

Adventures in home exchange (AIHE) Day 3

Hola hola Barcelona!
It's our third day and we are almost Barcelonins (people who live here) .. well not yet, but we are very comfortable and feeling right at home.

Today's wake up time: 10.30 am

LoLo seemed to inherit Geoffrey's vacation ideology, that feeling truly on vacation you need to have sand in between your toes ... that's exactly what LoLo wanted .. the beach! The benefit of staying a month at one place and staying at a home (among so many) is that we don't feel rushed to do anything. On a "regular" one week - ten days trip I'd have a plan for every single day and would constantly have a FOMO (just learnt this acronym from a travel magazine ... fear of missing out) if I did not fulfill my plan. This time, we do what we want to do. We surely want to see all the famous places but we also just want to do what we want to do and today it happened to be the beach.

We took a tram to the ZOO stop and walked to what was the
Olympic village built for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. 
We walked by the giant headless fish, a work of Frank Gehry and headed for the beach. 

We strolled on the beach and collected rocks to be painted. 

The beach was crowded with with topless bronze bodies and people relaxing in their beach chairs. 

We stumbled upon a Japanese festival, where people could try on a kimono, beat a watermelon while blindfolded and drink Japanese bear. (I am not sure about the watermelon beating event ... we will find out next time we exchange homes in Japan, I guess). 

And what about this crooked house on the beach ... 

The teleferico had an hour wait so we rather headed towards the impressive looking W hotel shaped as a sail boat and found these shadows on the W's terrace posing like it was fashion week ... 

 Exhausted, tired and hungry we headed to a taxi and the port to take a ferry back to where we started off the day. No photos of the ferry ride! Momma was busy gulping down Coca Cola and concentrating on keeping down that calamari she had for lunch ... 

Then a ball almost fell on our head ...

.. but it didn't so more adventures in LoLoLand tomorrow ... 

What I learnt today about the differences and similarities between New Yorkers and a Barcelonins:

1. There is no such thing as a "quick lunch" here even .. once you sit down you SIT DOWN ... 
2. Both are inpatient species when it comes to crossing a street.  Green on the crossing light is really  just one of the colors of the rainbow ... 
The word of the day is MELOCOTON, which means peach!

Buenas noches amigos, 
lo(lo)v(i)e, LV 

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  1. Baby, it looks like you guys are having a great time! Now I have to go back and read day and day of your adventures! Have fun and keep posting so we can also be on vacation with you! Hi to G and LoLo! XO