Thursday, June 6, 2013

Owl be there for you ..

Aren't owls just the cutest creatures? I can't help myself but go awww awwwww aaawwwww every time I see anything with an owl on it. Now, I am not obsessed (though I do have a pinterest board dedicated only to owls) but once in a while I think about creating something owl dedicated and sometimes I even go through with my owl plan.

I've been terrible with sending/giving baby gifts recently (recently = the past 10 years?). I always get excited for a new baby and run to the store, buy outfits of all sorts and then I don't send the gift  for ages. You guessed it! By the time I would actually get to the post office, the baby is walking or taking metaphysics classes in college ... So, no more outfits, I said! I will make an owl .. an owwwlll .. an owl pillow! Or even better, I will make three and gift them to some of my favorite baby girls (not including but leading with Lola but of course).

I decided to forgo inventing the wheel again, as there seem to be enough owl aficionados out there to be able to find a pattern online. A short search produced a free pattern found on  "Make it and Love it" blog by Ashley Johnston. The pattern is HERE. It really is easy. The only tricky part is inserting and sewing the side pannel.  You could get rid of it in theory, but the pillow would look much different and I much prefer this wholesome handsome owl look.

A portrait ...  

Other owls I adore: 

Crocheted owls by Bunny Mommy (pssst I am actually working on this one already)

I am excited to show you my projects in progress soon .. a crocheted blanket and a mermaid costume for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade for Lola and momma ... Lots of shimmer, shine and shells coming this way ... But not before I will share Governor's Island Flapper picnic photos and also hoping to lemonsqueeze a post from our 2013 LoLo's Lemonade stand
(coming soon to a street near you!) ...  

Ciao LoLovies, LV xox

P.S. I don't have my pinterest button here, but if you search for "lolovie" you can easily find me ... then you can adore 75 owls on my board and love me for collecting them all in one place :)) 

P.S. 2 . As always, if you've made anything owl recently or not so recently, please share with me.

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