Monday, July 1, 2013

Barcelona Day 4 (Adventures in Home Exchange) by LoLo

Mom and dad wanted to do something cultural today, but we still insisted in the "toes in sand" and beach so they compromised. They said we would take a cable car ride, have lunch on the top of the hill, come back and play in the sand. They also promised to buy us sand toys, ice cream and pretty much anything we wanted as long as we can last through the day without drama ...

It all started really well because there was no line at the "teleferico" (as they call it here) ...

We took the elevator really high and looked around. We saw the beach from above with all the naked people sunbathing and the sail building on the other side, where we ran around yesterday. 

Above us were these huge yellow rings and mom said she thought they were part of the mechanism that makes the cable cars move along ... (Though she has no idea about anything mechanical we think she was correct this time .. I mean there were no hamsters around ... )

By the way, our exchange family friends told us that going on the teleferico was a very touristy thing to do and most barcelonins have never been or been maybe once in their lifetime as a part of a school trip. Mom said it must be like the Empire State Building for New Yorkers.

Then the red car arrived, we went inside the little cabin, doors closed and swiiiscchhhh it was like on a giant slide but down the rope. We enjoyed the view so much, we giggled all the way up.
We found out that the journey was 1330 meters long till it reached Monjuic.

There was a beautiful restaurant at the top of Montjuic with amazing views of the city. You could see the ocean on one side and the city with tall buildings sticking out on the other side. 

Mom looked at the menu and she could not believe her owns eyes! There was a different price for all items depending on where you sat. The ocean view was more expensive ... 

Then Lola threw a huge fit because .. because she was tired and she really wanted to play photographer with mom's I-phone but mom would not let her.  Look at Lola's huge smile ...  

The purple trees in the gardens had beautiful flowers ... they did not smell, but we took many photos of them anyway ...

Then it was finally back to the cable car 

to the beach and sand!!!

You must all know by now, that mom has this internal need to always do something and create. After a while we got bored filling our buckets with water and spilling them out so mom decided to do some painting with rocks (Barcelona beaches are rocky), which is very funny because the one thing she can not do is paint ... We did rather well though and "painted" a house, a car, a giant flower and a tree ...  (that's basically her entire repertoire in stone on sand people!) 

We barely made it home in a taxi. Mom and dad had to carry us into the elevator and we collectively collapsed in front of the TV and Peppa the pig!

Adios amigos! Adventures await manana! (We forgot a new word! Must find two tomorrow!) 

LO(lo)V(i)E, LV   

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