Wednesday, January 30, 2013

LoLo's room

When LoLo was born I had no idea how to decorate their room. There wasn't much creative anything in my mind as I prepared to care for these two little munchkins. I looked around the internet for possible ideas, but almost all designs were either for boys or for girls; never for both.
So, LoLo's baby room turned out cute and functional for babies, but soon they've outgrown the teddy bear pattern and were ready for something else.  Space is limited and I knew that a bunk bed is not a great idea for 3 year olds, plus it would cover the entire window. What I wanted for the room was a rainbow of colors, functionality, playfulness and interactiveness. I wanted the room to scream "play" and "imagination".

I've seen many scrapbook wall ideas and I've always loved patchwork, so I decided to make LoLo a house of their own in their room. It took me an entire morning to mod podge these pages to the wall. After I was done and realized that the house looked very similar to the tower of Pizza, I actually went to look for a level and you know how that turned out ... The entire house was about 3 inches off! Hah! I corrected it by patching it here and there, but you could never tell because the pattern is so crazy :).

This is how it turned out: 

The windows are made from Ikea box shelves, the toys are placed in an outdoor planter and you see the house number? That's LoLo's birth date all the way from Home Depot! The roof is made from cork, so we can pin photos and artwork and holiday decorations on it. I can't wait till it's Christmas again so that we can make a Christmas house. LoLo is loving the planter teddy holder!
We've re-discovered so many old "friends". I thought about making a few tiles chalboard, but we already have a chalkboard in the living room and I am not a big fan of chalk dust, so I scratched the idea, but I still think it would work great.   

I attached a long mirror to the side of the cabinet right by the entrance and
made it a dress up corner ...

Here is the opposite side of the room ...
LoLo loves books and I love reading to them, so a book display was a must!
The shelves above will serve not only for more storage above, but also for a reading nook once I find the perfect curtains to hang from them. The carpets are also from Ikea and we drive around those streets so much! All worth the 20 price tag!   

And here is how LoLo sleeps ... 

There are still many details missing from the room. I want to make floor pillows (a pouf is one step from being done), a hair accessories organizer,  buy those curtains for a hide-away play and secret reading time, make storage boxes for the shelves, pillows for the bed, a chimney for the house, LoLo's old clothes patchwork quilt for the bed, play kitchen on the other side of the book shelf, a potted fabric flower for the window and I am almost finished with a bunting!
Once that all is done I will be really done :)
(Though LoLo may be 25 by then lol). Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading. Let me know if you make one of these little houses or what you think. This is what LoLo thinks .. open mouth, eyes wide open "Mommy, this is beautiful!"  

Lo(lo)V(i)E to you all, 


  1. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!!!

  2. Is there some kind of tutorial for matting the paper to the wall using Mod Podge? I'm interested in doing something very similar using pages from comic books...