Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hanger/Christmas ornaments turned Valentine's Day wreath

Call me cheese, but I love Valentine's Day.
I know we should love each other every day, but let's face it, sometimes you just don't feel the love as much as you would want to and so, it's nice to have a day dedicated to hearts, roses and TLC and most importantly, each other.

Sometimes I buy things with an intention of converting them into something else. Right before Christmas while heading towards the anaconda length line leading up to an Ikea cashier I picked up a pack of soft, fuzzy white heart ornaments and a white and red polka dot garland with a plan.
I used them both on our Christmas tree, but as soon as I took the tree apart I made them into this ....

I took a hanger and formed it into a heart; tied my Christmas garland to the heart wire hanger with red wool and attached a bow from ribbon and sequins. I hung two Christmas tree decoration hearts on it and wrapped the hanging part with red scrap fabric ...

I was so inspired by the wrapped fabric hanger (my friend Virve gifted me a pair of adorable wrapped wire hangers a while ago, where this part of the idea comes from) that I carried on and made another heart. I cut off the hanging part this time, wrapped the hanger around with fabric this time and secured it with a glue gun.

So, now we have a house full of hearts.

Will you come back to see how I  re-re-cycled(?) this heart? ... Hint: I deconstructed the entire garland throwing the polka dot fabric ... see what happened next ... ;)

LoLove to you LO(lo)V(i)Es!!!!!


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