Monday, February 4, 2013

Little Miss Valentine

You probably know by now that I love .. no LOVE ... no LOLOve recycling "stuff" into better and new "stuff!" :) Such is my obsession with toilet paper rolls ... (TMI: The other day I found myself staring longingly at an empty tp roll destined for garbage in a restaurant bathroom floor; then I had to stop myself from actually pocketing the item. Don't tell anyone! lol)

Not that long ago I showed you how to make Christmas angels from cupcake liners, teepee rolls and a ping-pong ball. This time I expanded on the idea and made my angels into little Valentine's Day dolls.

The difference: no halo, heart felt (heartfelt also) wings and pipe cleaner arms. Otherwise the process is exactly the same and you can find it HERE. Insert the pipe cleaner arms BEFORE you layer the cupcake liners! It gets a bit tricky, but nothing that a pair of crafty hands couldn't manage!

May I say cute? 

Stay tuned for more MORE recycling, upcycling and tricycling (:) ideas ... and ++++ ...
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Happy week to you Lolovies!

xox LV

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