Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring wreath

It's been a long, no looooonnggg winter and I am not happy about it! I want to hear birds chirping, I want to feel the warm rays of the sun and flip flop around the city in big bug sunglasses and flirty dresses. Around this time every year, a feeling sets in that Spring and Summer were cancelled forever. As I kept looking at the forecast for this week hopelessly seeing rain/snow on the computer screen, I realized that "If the mountain won't come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain." So, I brought a piece of Spring and sunshine into our home and didn't even need to move a mountain (only a sewing machine out of my bedside table, a cutting mat from underneath the carpet, a few scraps from the coffee table and bar chair to reach the nail in the wall :o) 

You'll need: 
A wreath 
Happy fabric 
Paper/color printer 
Most importantly: A glue GUN!

1. Gather your materials 
2. Here is my favorite technique: let's call it W&G meaning "Wrap and Glue" ... So let's start ... W&G, W&G, W&G till the end with 2 inches wide burlap strips ....  

3. These are the happy fabrics I picked out. I cut strips 10-12 inches wide with different length, anything measuring 58-70 inches long. 
4. Iron them in half 
5. Draw waves going up to the middle and then down again and around. 
6. Sew through the waves and the bottom, leaving an opening to turn the piece inside out. Make sure to mark the waves on the inside of the fabric. Once done, cut around the waves close to the drawn/sewn line. 

7. Once turned inside-out gather the fabric by hand and twist to a rose shape while sewing the "snake" at the bottom. 
8. A bunch of flowers glued on.

Don't you LO(lo)V(i)E it? 

Forgot to mention: Print out a Happy Spring Banner! Mine is not very sophisticated (made in, so if you are a graphic designer, feel free to take it up a notch from this very immature design. Print it on landscape (enlarge it to the length of the paper), punch two holes on each side and tie it to the wreath.  

If you like what you see, here is my banner: 

And the wreath's home next to our friend, the sleeping Buddha.




  1. I want one! :)
    Happy Spring my friend!

  2. dievca moje, ja Ta obdivujem!!!
    kde beries cas a energiu na tieto NAAAAAAAADherneeeeeeeeeee vecicky? ha? porad! kde kupujes "volny cas"? tiez tam zabehnem na nakup! ;-)
    bosky Monicenka CMUK

  3. For us we are heading in to Autumn, but will keep this in mind when Spring eventually gets to Queensland. Mind you, our winter is nothing at all like yours - no sleet, no snow, no endless dark & gloomy days - but a little joy is never a bad thing to have in your home! xoxo

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