Friday, March 4, 2011

Feeling Fairy creative

I'd like a sympathy "oooooohhhhh", please, because I grew up without knowing that there were tooth fairies in this world.  We don't have them in Slovakia! Therefore, I don't have a keepsake tooth and never realized I deserved financial support for loosing them. So, when I got a bag of flowers petals from Kat at Fiber Notion saying "make a fairy" I took the challenge to compensate ...

What you'll need:
A large wooden bead
Pipe cleaners
A bag of flower petals used by scrapbookers
Wool (for hair and body)
Glue gun
My all time aid to make anything look fabulous: fake pearls

I think the photos are self-explanatory. I folded the pipe cleaner in half for the arms to make them more sturdy. The hair was the hardest to glue on without the glue showing, so make sure you apply only a little bit each time. Once you have the head glued on and the wrapped up body, I started making the skirt. All you need to do is to glue the petals one by one to the body. Don't worry if at first it doesn't look anything like a skirt! Once you add a few layers of petals, you can shape it with your glue gun. Now glue on the beads. I added a bead belt also and a flower/bead hat for my first personal fairy.

Here she is ...

The only reason she looks sad, is because the bead I had, had already a sad face on it. Otherwise, Blossom would be the happiest fairy in New York!
I sense more fairies coming into my life as LoLo grows up, though we are still working on getting the first set of teeth in order. I have a bit of time to beautify Blossom Fairy till needed! If you do make Blossom for your toothless munchkins, you can make her a teeny-tyni purse to hide the tooth in. I just wasn't inspired to unpack my sewing machine for such a luxurious accessory! :)


P.S. I am so thrilled about all of you liking my necklace, I may just have to do another one soon. Scrappy projects still to come!


  1. I love coming here! It ALWAYS puts a smile on my face...with or without tooth fairies! :D

  2. She is beautiful Elvi, you are so talented! Miriam x.