Sunday, January 19, 2014

Easy crocheted slippers

Hiiii Everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful year so far! We had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Years Eve and I was ready and full of energy for January, but then everything got spoiled by the polar vortex. It got so cold that uncollected dog poop froze on the sidewalk and you could play street soccer with it, if you wanted to. So, we layered up and wore ski gear as regular clothing and swished through the streets of Brooklyn in strange fashion.

If you know anything about us, Eastern Europeans - you know how much we love slippers (especially in the winter)! We live in them, give them to visitors and buy them as Christmas gifts on a yearly basis. Despite my concerted efforts to instill the slipper love into LoLo - they do not like them! I've bought countless pairs and there is always a problem with each and every one. One is too stiff, another one is not comfortable, another one is too girlie or boyish. On top of it, the comfortable once (I like - not LoLo) are expensive! At the end, I decided to crochet them a pair. If you know as little as making a chain and a single crochet you can make these slippers in an hour! This is how cute yours can turn out:

What you'll need: 
Thick yarn
Large crochet needle
Thin yarn (the same color as the thick one for sewing)
Sewing needle
Anything else you may want to decorate the slippers with

First, make as many chains as long as the length of the foot + add about two chains so that the slippers are comfortable. Start a row of single crochet. When you've finished, make a chain and turn your work. Start another row of single crochet leaving out the first chain and inserting your hook to the second chain. Carry on crocheting until you've made a square. To know if've reached a square shape, simply fold your work half into a triangle - photo below. Once it's a regular square, take your needle and thin thread and gather one side of the slipper. Pull tight and carry on sewing to form the top of the slipper. Sew as far as you want the opening of the slipper. Try it on to guess accurately. When the toe part is done, take the other side of the folded-in-half slipper and sew at the heel.
That's it!!! It's this simple!

You may add many cute features to the slippers! Add a crocheted heart for Valentine's Day, a pom-pom, a ribbon bow, a felt face or simply crochet ears and embroider a cute face.  

Stay warm LoLovies!
xox Elvi

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  1. Baby, you're a genius! These look absolutely gorgeous, hope the kids will wear them!! XO