Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Haloloween 2013

Oops we did it again! Yupp, it was all mummies and witches and ghosts at HaLoLoween this year.
Thank you ever so much to the wonderful superwoman: Barbara Rock, who did a fantastic job, as always with her camera. Barbara, you are hired for ever and ever :))) And to everyone who came. We had so much fun and made this Halloween so memorable .. just take a look ...

ACTIVITIESPumpkin Hockey

Toilet Paper Mummies
 Kitty cat, kitty cat where is your mommy?  

Here we are ... (well those that we could get to stay for a second :)

And finally us on Halloween day  ... Flying skeletons and Rock Star Barbies 

And a photo by a Park Slope photographer Roberto Falck ... 

I will be back soon with some craft, I promise!

Lo(lo)V(i)E, Elvi

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  1. Awww, it looks like a fun party, you guys looked great! And the yummies you made look delicious!