Monday, October 7, 2013

A trip to Vermont

We went to see friends to Vermont this weekend. I've been to VT before, but never in the middle of the foliage. It is sooo sooo sooo beautiful! No, it is gorgeous! Here are some photos I took ...

And I had to do a quick family shoot of course .. :) 

And no photo, but guess what Elvi brought home from Vermont (besides some delicious maple syrup)?
I know you won't guess it unless you have been following
my Facebook page and seen this photo below ...

Yupp, we brought home a big bag of leaves (I know, I know .. I am crazy :), but I could not resist the colors, or the fact that they of the most amazing colors one has seen!
(Though these from Prospect Park on the photo are no too bad either)

Happy Fall LoLovies! xox LV 

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