Sunday, March 4, 2012

Photo styling - shoes

I started a Photo Styling course at FIT and I am so excited about it! This is the first time I am going to school and studying what I actually like.

There will be 4 photo shoots during the semester - shoes, food, personal transformation and fashion. We are divided in groups of four and everyone plays a different role during the shoot. We've just completed the first shoot "shoes". The shoe was intended to tell the story, so we thought about gardening, English rose gardens and Betsy Johnson as themes for the set and decided to finally go with gardening ...

We tried many variations on the set - styling the shoes in pairs and separate, on a bed of roses, petals, dirt, stems ... etc. These three photos came out the best ...  

This was the teacher's and my favorite shot  
The placement of the two shoes on this photograph is "perfect" we were told :) 

The group's favorite ...

No wonder I am having hard time at photo compositions ... We tried so many options and angles and placements of these shoes before we got these ... 

Lo(lo)V(i)E to all! I'll back with a tutorial!


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  1. Baby, You ROCK! The photos look awesome! Don't even look like they weren't taken at the studio, well done, I'm soooo PROUD of YOU! XOXOXO