Thursday, January 19, 2012

Barrettes for Valentine's Day

Did you see Miss Pickles wearing a fabulous birdie hairpin with heart wings? 
You would like one also, correct? :)
Well, now you can make one! Here is a step by step to make any of the pins below ... 

What you'll need: 
pink, red, white felt
embroidery thread and needle
stuffing, such as polyfill 
small black beads (for birds eyes)
hairpins or rubber bands or safety pins (if you'd like to make a pin instead)  
the pattern - print below 
any other adornments you can think of - buttons, ribbons, beads, etc. 
(TIP: I bought a bag of hearts that can be sewn onto things at Wallmart for a few dollars) 

And that's it! Not many things at all, right? 

I used two kinds of stitches : 

Back stitch 

Buttonhole stitch 

For the true size of the pattern, please click on the photo below. 

Other Valentine's Day hair accessories I LOLOve: 

- This one is just so cute from Living Locurto blog. Hairpins made of cupcake liners, bottle caps and candy! Click HERE ... How cute awww ... 

- I love these padded hearts by Twirling Betty ... I really want to make a necklace right about this moment 

- And here is how the guys at Purl Soho do heart hairpins ... HERE

LO(lo)V(i)E to you all, LV


  1. That birdie is soooooo me!! ;D

  2. One of them is yours Bird in exchange for a photo though! :) xox

  3. These are ADORABLE!! <3


  4. These are absolutely adorable! I had to share them on my CraftBliss blog and link back to you. ~Dee

  5. Thank you ladies! I am glad you like them :)

  6. Love these hairpins! So cute :)