Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sock Santa

I love making stuff from socks for two reasons: quick, cheap and easy (mostly).
Ok, that's three reasons ...

LoLo is in love with Santa, but who wouldn't be? A guy in red with a fuzzy white beard, two big eyes that brings gifts? Just like daddy! (Uhmmm  ... almost  :) 

What's great about this project is that even the smallest children can help with it plus the steps can be also used to make sock snowmen. 

  • This is what you need for the Santa: 

A pair of red knee-high socks
One single short white sock preferably the thin kind  
Polyfill or any other kind of stuffing material suitable for soft toys 
A cup of rice 
Two buttons
1 ball of cotton wool (the tip of the hat)
A few rubber bands - large and small 
A piece of fuzzy stuff for the beard (you can also use felt and cotton wool)
Glue gun   

Step 1.
Take your knee high sock (as shown by Lola on the first photo) and cut through on two places. Straight line just above the heel and straight line below the heel. Now you have two pieces of the sock - one long for the body and one short for the hat. 

Step 2.
Take the long part (body) and a rubber band and pull it all together to make a little sack. (photo 3 left to right) ... Turn it inside out (photo 4) 
Fill the bottom with rice and stuff the rest with polyfill all the way to the top (as seen London doing it on the photo) and the next picture of our kitchen table and LoLo woking hard ... 
While stuffing the sock arrange the polyfill evenly - you may make your Santa as thin or as overweight as you see suited, or as much as the sock lets you. In any case, do not under-stuff the guy! When it comes to Santa and body image it's a very healthy one! ;)
Close the top of the stuffed red sock and put another rubber band over his head twisting it at least twice to make a head. 

Step 3. 
Cut off the heel and the toes of your single white sock. Now you have a tube.  
Make a little ball from the polyfill and take your small rubber band. 
Put the ball against the inside of the white sock leaving enough space for the face. Secue the ball in place tight. Pull the white "face" over the red sock head as seen in the last photo. 

Step 4. (not pictured)
Take the toe part of your red sock and put a rubber band over the toe part to make it look like a hat. I also glued a cotton ball to the end of it. Pull on Santa's head and sew or glue in place.

Step 5. 
Glue eyes and the beard in place .. VOILA!

Here he is with his sock snowmen family. 

The inspiration for the sock snowmen came from here:

The tiny once are not filled with rice, because I will be using them as a tree decoration. I try to make special ornaments every year from LoLo's stuff .. For LoLo's first Christmas I made ornaments from their momma-made patchwork blocks, last year I made a bunch of ornaments from their second year birthday cards (using a scallop hole puncher) and this year everything is sock and tights made! :) 

From left to right: Daddy snowman from Geoffrey's "holey" socks; Lola snowman from Lola's tights from last year; yellow stripes snowguy is from London's baby socks and the red one was warn by mommy, of course. The baby at the back is also made from Lola's tights. 

I brought the project to our group "Bobita" which is a Hungarian children's group here in Manhattan and look what we've all made .. 

If you make some of these cuties, please send me an email or a Facebook message pretty please ...  
I would love to grow the Santa/Snowmen sock family. 

Have a wonderful week everyone!


P.S. I just thought about this one .. How about hiding a gift inside Santa's belly? Yes, he would have to be operated on, but still a cute idea, no? Or a marriage proposal from inside Santa's belly .. Hmmm .. OK, before I come up with more strange stuff .. bye byeee 


  1. I love these! So cute! I will be saving this for next year for sure! Happy Holidays!

  2. I love the snowmans!! And the santa is soo cute too :)
    I featured this on my blog.

  3. Hi,
    What stuff did you use for the beard? Is it wool or something else? I have made my Santa, but am struggling to find the right thing for the beard.
    They are awesome though. :)
    Thanks, Toni

  4. HiToni,
    it was actually a piece from an old coat. Fake fur would work great. Maybe an old "hairy" scarf? If you completely out of these and you don't mind making a slightly less "professional" looking Santa (lol) just use cotton wool that's not sold in balls.

    Hope this help! Elvi