Thursday, November 10, 2011

Painting to Fabric .. another Romero Britto

When one of my best friends, Blanka asked if I could somehow contribute to the gala evening benefiting Alzheimer's disease she is helping to organize, I immediately said "yes" ...  I am always the first to volunteer and last to realize how much work it will involve ... Oh oooohhhh

I promised to make a fabric "painting" similar to the one I made for my mom's apartment (see HERE) for the silent auction. I decided to make another Romero Britto painting called "Twist" (as in dance). The event will be attended by the dancing community, so I am hoping somebody will fall in love with this "fabting" as much as I did ...

It's not the original, but darn close to it and more unique ...
Plus, my guy is wearing trendier pants made from knitted print ;)

(Ok, this was my sales pitch for the silent auction for the ball this Friday) ... 

The process is exactly same as already described HERE ...
It's not hard at all and doesn't require much skill, just a whole lot of patience and sitting behind the sewing machine and the ironing board.
Below are a few progression photos. 

Shall we dance? 

Let's have fingers crossed the "fabting" will sell ...

"Fabting" - a word made up by LV for the lack of other words; A painting made from fabric; 
Also a fabulous thing ... Can you think of anything else?

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Many more projects cooking. Stay tuned! 

LO(lo)V(i)E, LV 


  1. Fabulous, You're so inspiring, Girlfriend! Hope there will be some people who can appreciate fine art! :)*****

  2. I love it, I wish I can get a fabric with your designs so I can create tops, is so nice everything you create, it really amazing!!!