Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cheater's quilt

Hi Everyone!
I am back to crafting after a trip to Europe that left us all sick and jet-lagged for longer time than desired (not desired). We had a short week to recuperate and get all the gear ready for LoLo to start kindergarten this week. In all the excitement, I completely forgot that LoLo needs blankies for their midday nap at school.

I always thought I'd make them blankets from the onesies (I saved all of them and I am just waiting for the opportunity to make them into a quilt), but I had no time, so I decided to cheat instead ... :)

I bought two fleece (pink and blue) blankets for 3.99 USD at Ikea (link HERE) and a yard of pink and blue fabric. London loves cars and tractors and pretty much anything with four wheels ....
I loved the farmer's village theme on this one ... 

Lola doesn't care as long as it's pink. VERY pink. So, I bought her fabric with nursery rhymes pattern.

My first instinct (as always :) was to put a pom-pom trip around the blanket, but I decided to make letter sandwiches (two layers of quilting material) instead and attach them to the corners. This way I can avoid the labeling process. Lola's four letter name worked wonderfully for the corners, but London's needed to be modified by attaching two letters twice. 

Happy customers .... They wanted a "tuck tuck" with their new blankets while it was 85 F outside. 
I guess this project is a success :)

See you later, aligator! I'll be back with a baby shower gift tutorial and a decorating idea. 

LO(lo)V(i)E to you all as always, LV

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